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Because Georgia does not have a body or guild that regulates inspections, getting honest and accurate information on the quality of your intended real estate or vehicle purchase was almost impossible. So we have created our own inspection system based closely on international standards from the USA and EU. We have combined these standards with local qualified experts to create the most reliable and objective inspection service available in Georgia.

Save Thousands Of Dollars

A real estate inspection (aka building inspection or property inspection) can reveal tens of thousands of dollars of difference in the actual value of the property compared to the list price, as well as unexpected future costs.

Local Experts, International Standards

We train local inspectors with extensive experience in the Georgian market to follow international-level inspection criteria.

English, Russian & Georgian

Our bilingual team can translate your final report into any of these 3 languages.

Fast, Professional Service

We understand that deals often need to happen fast, so our helpful team aims to have inspection reports completed within 2 to 4 business days.

Expat Managed

We understand the importance of international-level service & quality and train our team to uphold those values for our customers.

Real Estate Inspection Service

Get a detailed inspection that could save you thousands of dollars.

Real estate inspection (aka building inspection or property inspection) is the examination of a property to provide an accurate evaluation of its condition. Our real estate inspections are carried out by local experts in the field of construction and civil engineering. Our property inspection reports introduce an objective, honest assessment of the property with all the defects which could affect the safety or the price of the property. This evaluation will give buyers a full overview, enabling them to make the best decision when buying a new property.

Do I Need A Property Inspection?

In many countries, a real estate inspection is associated with almost any sale to protect the buyer from unforeseen defects, potential risks and expenses. In Georgia, shockingly, most buyers simply “take the seller/agent’s word for it” that the property is up to standard.

But, as our clients have discovered, a real estate inspection can reveal tens of thousands of dollars of difference in the actual value of the property compared to the list price, as well as unexpected future costs. Or, our inspections can verify that the property is at the expected standard, so that you can purchase with peace of mind. Either way, information is power, which you can use to negotiate based on objective proof, to buy with confidence, or simply to walk away from what would have been a bad investment.

Some common things a property inspection will identify:

Low quality installation of gas and electric lines which could have led to electrical fires, or even asphyxiation and explosions in rare cases.
Water pipes which may not be visible, with the potential to leak and cause major water damage.
Badly installed insulation which would lead to dampness.
Levelling of surfaces to ensure they are actually flat. Concrete surfaces which are not flat will lead to creaky flooring and increased floor wear.
Bad workmanship in general.
The costs which will be associated with fixing bad workmanship and whether those costs outweigh the cost of the property, giving you space to negotiate or back out of the deal.
And a lot more! Read the example report below for more details.

What information / documents will you need from me in order to get started?

The address and the cadastral code so that we can verify the essential information about the property. Contact details of the seller or their representative so that we can organize access to the property. Photos or a URL to the listing of the property online.

Get a full picture of the level of detail and expertise that goes into our property inspections by reading an unabridged report from one of our PhD Doctors of Civil Engineering:

Starting from:

₾600 GEL


The final quote depends on the size and status (black frame, white frame, or finished) of the property. The lowest price is based on black frame, less than 90m2.

A detailed 15 to 35 page report, with photo examples and a breakdown of each key issue.
Report provided in English (Russian or Georgian by request).
Objective assessment of every element of the property from floors & plastering to wiring & tiling and more.
Overview of the inspected areas, all found defects and recommendations.

Service Price

Up to 90m2

Black Frame


Up to 90m2

White Frame / Green frame


Up to 90m2

Finished / Green Frame


Up to 90m2



Over 90m2

Black Frame


Over 90m2

White Frame


Over 90m2

Finished / Green Frame


Over 90m2



Vehicle Inspection Service

Get a detailed vehicle inspection and avoid getting ripped off.

Professional vehicle inspections are pretty rare in Georgia, with most people relying on having a friend or family member who is “handy with cars” come along to kick the tires and check for sawdust in the engine. Finding a trustworthy mechanic is hard enough on any day, but finding one to inspect a vehicle, who is not going to then upsell you on all the things you need done as well, is almost impossible.

Our vehicle inspection service is completely independent from any garage or mechanic service. We simply do not sell repair services. So you can be assured that our advice on problems with the vehicle are entirely objective, as we do not make money from repair work.

You can use our vehicle inspection reports to not only assess if a vehicle is worth purchasing, but also to use as a guideline when you do visit a mechanic to get any necessary repairs done, to make sure you don’t overpay for unnecessary work.

Some common things a vehicle inspection will identify:

If the vehicle was previously written off.
Vehicle or mechanical damage that could be unsafe or of concern.
Faulty parts that would not pass an MOT (roadworthiness assessment).
Necessary repair work and the estimated costs to get the vehicle in roadworthy condition, as well as additional optional repairs that would provide the best level of vehicle maintenance.
If the vehicle is worth the price tag.
And a lot more!

What information / documents will you need from me in order to get started?

For vehicles, the location where we would inspect the vehicle, the number plate (if present), and the contact information of the current owner.

Can you send an inspector with me to a car dealer even though I don't know which vehicle I am interested in yet?

Yes. This is certainly possible but additional fees may be charged depending on the length of time you need the inspector, and especially if multiple inspections are required. Please mention in the quote if you need this service.

₾350 GEL


The final quote depends on the type of vehicle and the location for the inspection.

A detailed 5 to 20 page report, with photo examples and a breakdown of each key issue.
Report provided in English (Russian or Georgian by request).
Objective MOT (roadworthiness) assessment of every element of the vehicle from engine wear to wiring.
Estimates of costs for repair if there are defects.
Assessment of the real market value of the vehicle.

Customers Feedback

I was delighted with the service provided by They were fast, efficient and reliable. I thought I'd spotted all the potential issues with what I wanted to purchase but had missed some that pointed out. They have saved me a lot of money and a lot of headaches. Highly recommended.


I recently used to do an audit on an apartment I wanted to buy, and time was really important. I was so surprised when they got back to me super fast, even though it was a weekend. They did the audit on Monday morning and sent me the report that same day. They were really professional, quick, and easy to work with. I had such a great experience with them and I can't recommend them enough.



How quickly will the work be done?

The time depends on the complexity of the work and the current level of demand for our service. The average time from booking the service to sending you the completed report is typically 2-5 business days. If buying a vehicle on the spot, the inspector can give you a summary of what will be in the report to help you make the best decision, then provide the full written report afterward so you can get necessary repair work done with confidence.

What language can the report be provided in?

Currently English, Russian, or Georgian. Though we can organize translation to other languages, it is typically advised you get the report in a language that both you and the seller can understand. Bilingual reports in Georgian + English are possible by request, but there will be a translation fee added, which depends on the length of the report.

When will my payment be made?

Payment is required in full after the booking is made and before the work commences. We will initially assess your property via the photos and legal information you send us online, then provide you with a final quote and invoice. As soon as payment is confirmed, the inspection process can begin.

Are there any hidden costs?

Typically there are no extra costs beyond the initial quote, unless you request additional service beyond what was agreed. It is very rare for additional work to be discovered & deemed necessary during the inspection process, so it is very unlikely that we would ever have to charge more than expected. In any rare case where it becomes clear that additional work may be needed, we will inform you immediately, and the extra work will not take place unless you approve it. You will never be charged for something you were not expecting.

Can the property inspection cover houses, or just apartments?

Though apartments are the majority of abodes in Tbilisi & Batumi, we can certainly inspect houses as well. Let us know in your request, and we will get you a quote.

Will the inspection give me a report on the apartment building itself, as well as the interior?

Our inspectors will observe and report on some elements of the building in which your apartment is located, such as the lobby area and the corridors directly adjacent to your apartment. If you need a wider inspection of the building, please ask us in advance, as these will incur extra cost and also may need permission and assistance from the building manager to get us access to certain areas.

Can you inspect buildings/vehicles outside of Tbilisi?

Depending on the exact location, this may be possible. Let us know the location of where the inspection will take place and we can advise you regarding any additional fees for our travel expenses.

Do you also inspect pests and mold?

We do not inspect the areas that should be inspected by other certified specialists in the field. We do not inspect the following: rodent infestation, landscaping, pests, airborne hazards (radon), mold, or low-voltage electrical systems (alarm systems and phone lines).

Are all areas always inspected?

Before inspection we contact the seller or developer to ask for permission to inspect the whole building. However, on several occasions we are not allowed to go to inspect the roof or basement.




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